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Richard St. John 成功学专家,市场营销师


以下为Richard St. John官网的一些介绍,懒了,就只翻译部分吧。

Richard St. John is a success expert, but has he ever achieved any personal success himself? Let’s see what he’s done:

  • Achieved corporate success as ten-year member of scientific staff at Nortel’s R&D labs
  • Achieved entrepreneurial success as founder of The St. John Group.
  • Won highest awards in business communications.
  • Became a millionaire.
  • Has a black belt in judo.
  • Cycled halfway around the world on a ten-speed bike.
  • Ran over 50 marathons on all seven continents.
  • Climbed two of the world’s seven summits.

What makes St. John different? Richard St. John的与众不同之处在于——

  • He spent ten years researching success and doing over 500 interviews with many “greats”. 花了十年时间研究和访问了500位成功人士。
  • Spoke face-to-face with Bill Gates, Martha Stewart, the Google founders, etc. 与比尔·盖茨等名人面谈过。
  • Created one of the world’s largest databases on success.  创造了世界上关于成功的最强大数据库。
  • Discovered The 8 Traits Successful People have in Common. 发现了8个成功的关键。
  • Wrote the bestselling book 8 To Be Great. 写了一本叫做《成功的8个秘诀》的书。
  • Is consistently rated the “Most Inspirational Speaker” by audiences.
  • Has shared the stage with Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and General David Petraeus.
  • On the prestigious website, his talk is in the top 20 “Most Viewed” out of 700 great talks.
  • It’s also in TED’s “Favorites,” “Most Inspirational,” “Funniest,” and “Most Translated” categories.



Richard St. John 2005年在TED演讲:成功的8个秘诀Richard St. John’s :8 secrets of success

1.PASSION热情  Do it for love,Not Money 爱上这事情,而不是为了钱。

2.Work努力工作 It’s all hard work.Nothing come easily.But I have a lot of Fun.——Rupert Murdoch, big cheese CEO

3.Good把它做好 To be successful,put your nose down in something and get damn good at it.——Alex Garden, game developer

4.Focus专注    I think it all has to do with focusing yourself to one thing——Norman Jewison,filmmaker

5.Push推动/敦促  Push yourself,Physically mentally,you gotta PUSH PUSH PUSH——David Gallo,marine scientist

6.Serve服务  It was aprivelege to serve ad a doctor.—–Sherwin nuland ,profassor of surgery Yale

7.IDEAS创意  Listen/be curous/observe/ask questions/problem/solve/make connetions

8.Persist坚持 Persistence is the number one reason for our success—–Joe Kraus ,co-founder,Excite