Stefan Sagmeister 7 rules for making more happiness让你感觉幸福的7个法则



thinking about ideas and content freely-with the deadline far away

traveling to new places

using a wide variety of tools and techniques

working without interruption on a single project

working on projects that matter to me

having things come back from the printer done well

getting feedback from people who see our work

designing a project that feels partly brand  new and partly familiar

Stefan Sagmeister is no mere commercial gun for hire. Sure, he’s created eye-catching graphics for clients including the Rolling Stones and Lou Reed, but he pours his heart and soul into every piece of work. His design work is at once timeless and of the moment, and hispainstaking attention to the smallest details creates work that offers something new every time you look at it.

While a sense of humor invariably surfaces in his designs, Sagmeister is nonetheless very serious about his work; his intimate approach and sincere thoughtfulness elevate his design. A genuine maverick, Sagmeister achieved notoriety in the 1990s as the designer who self-harmed in the name of craft: He created a poster advertising a speaking engagement by carving the salient details onto his torso.

“Sagmeister’s CD package designs are what poetry is to prose: distilled, intense, cunning, evocative and utterly complete. His intentions have set a new standard.”

I.D. Magazine


Stefan Sagmeister: Happiness by design

还有一篇2010年的报道还真是不错,Dezeen podcast: Stefan Sagmeister at Vienna Design Week